100% Italian wood and bamboo floors

The floors of Officine Italiane Parquet are born from the experience of expert craftsmen who scrupulously carry out all wood and bamboo processing with special dedication.

Choosing an Officine Italiane Parquet parquet means choosing a floor 100% made in Italy, made only and exclusively with top quality material.

Ours are floors for true wood connoisseurs with a strong personality and indisputable beauty, where the uniqueness of the material joins in perfection and handcrafted innovation of our productions.

Our parquet can also be further customized with craftsmanship of high quality: the brushing with natural effect Soft touch highlights the natural grain of the wood; the saw cut looks good on the floor a lived effect and extremely elegant; there planing, handmade, guarantees a vivid, rustic and natural effect.

From the indisputable beauty of the only floor in 100% made in Italy bamboo to the incredible elegance of oak grain, Officine Italiane Parquet offers an incredible choice for the covering of your interiors.



Only from FSC ® Forests


A cornerstone of our company is the utmost respect for the environment. Our production is in fact completely focused on sustainability, on safeguarding the forests from which our raw material comes.

Certifications such as FSC® guarantee the origin of the raw materials, only from responsibly managed forests, in full respect of nature, rules and health. In addition, the bamboo itself turns out to be one of the most eco-sustainable materials.

As a shrub its regrowth rate is extremely higher than traditional woods; this characteristic, combined with a correct and responsible management of cutting and regrowth cycles, allows us to maintain a production cycle highly environmentally friendly.

All the colors of our floors are made with water-based paints completely ecological, thus ensuring the health of the installation environment.

1. Bamboo Italy

Thanks to its extraordinary mechanical resistance and its compressive capacity, bamboo has earned the epithet of "vegetable steel". 

Elegant and with a resistance superior to any wood, the bamboo floor it is a high quality product suitable for any environment.

The line of bamboo floors by Officine Italiane Parquet, available in three types (wide knot, narrow knot and classic grain), presents a collection in nine colors; additional processes include saw cutting, brushing, planing.

Bamboo Italia collection

2. Italian oak

The oak parquet is a valuable product, with excellent qualities, both from an aesthetic and a technical point of view.

Aesthetically, the oak parquet looks elegant and pleasing to the eye, thanks to its warm appearance and beautiful veins, which give it that natural look it is renowned for.

Its technical qualities, on the other hand, concern the high resistance and sturdiness, which guarantee an extremely long-lasting floor.


Rovere Italia collection

All ours oak and bamboo floors they are made entirely in Italy, which means processing and control of our craftsmen from the raw material to the packaging. The production process is therefore certified as well as the components for the dye, strictly water-based and nationally produced oils. Officine Italiane Parquet is the first company in Europe to produce 100% made in Italy bamboo floors made with the utmost care, using the know-how and imagination that have always distinguished the Italian product.

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