Italian parquet workshops it is obliged to respect all the principles and the criteria of good management, through rigorous qualitative, health, environmental and social parameters, valid in every part of the world; such commitments they are certified by various bodies by issuing certifications.


FSC® certification, an independent forest certification system, makes it possible to identify wood and wood products deriving from responsibly managed forests, promoting management that protects the environment, fauna, workers and local populations, in line with the principles of Sustainable Development.


Achieving the quality standards is certified by ISO 9001 certification; the CE mark guarantees compliance with the Union parameters, while UNI 13501 deals with classifying the degree of reaction to fire.
The emission tests of formaldehyde and European parameters on bamboo are carried out by the accredited Catas Laboratory.

100% Made in Italy

Officine Italiane Parquet ensures that the entire production process of its wooden and bamboo floors is made entirely in Italy, paying the utmost attention to the technical quality of its products, the transparency of the production cycle and compliance with environmental standards.
The production process is therefore certified as well as the components for the dye, strictly water-based and nationally produced oils.

Officine Italiane Parquet is the first in Europe to produce 100% made in Italy bamboo floors made with the utmost care, using the know-how and imagination that have always distinguished the Italian product.

FSC® certification

FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) certification is the most accredited in the world. It guarantees that the wood used in the production of the floors comes exclusively from controlled forests, evaluated directly by the association, managed according to strict environmental, economic and social standards. Respect for the environment and animals is guaranteed, prohibiting the use of chemicals and harmful substances, as well as full respect and involvement of local populations.

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European conformity

Officine Italiane Parquet meets the requirements dictated by the CE marking legislation relating to wooden floors. The brand guarantees, after random checks, that the emissions of harmful substances are below the limits permitted in Europe. Officine Italiane Parquet not only controls this, but only uses materials well below the minimum limit. The CE marking certifies the conformity of the wooden floor according to the European Community standards, essential for marketing within the European Economic Area. The CE mark is therefore synonymous with safety and consumer protection.

Minimum formaldehyde emissions

Officine Italiane Parquet uses only materials with low formaldehyde emissions. The E1 classification certifies compliance with the emission parameters of formaldehyde, an element present in materials, especially glues, used in the production of floors. This certification guarantees that the emissions of this substance are minimal and not harmful to humans and animals. We also check the entire production process to always be sure that the right amount of glue has been used in making our oak and bamboo products.

Ecological water-based paints

All our oak and bamboo parquet use Italian-made water-based paints with very high resistance and no harmful emissions. Issued by Biolab, the EN-71.3-2002 certification certifies the complete absence of heavy metals in paints.

Quality control

The ISO 9001 standard certifies that the company, during its production processes, complies with the regulations defining the quality management system.

The entire production process is checked in a cyclic manner, identifying strengths and weaknesses, increasing production efficiency, all with the ultimate aim of achieving maximum customer satisfaction.

Fire resistant

Our parquets belong to the DFL-S1 fire reaction class. On request we can supply products in CFL-S1 class, or in class 1 for oak parquet, with variations in finish and costs. For information contact the sales office.